About Us

Retail TouchPoints (RTP) is an online publishing network for retail executives, offering content focused on optimizing the customer experience across all channels. RTP provides an array of editorial opportunities and content designed to guide the retail companies in their quest for long-term success. Focusing on the importance of thinking innovatively in a new media climate, we provide optimal vehicles to share industry insights and announcements, such as digital newsletters, video and audio podcasts.

Each month, in the digital newsletter and on the web site, we publish Special Reports and Features targeted to the hottest industry trends, such as BYOD, Cross-Border Trade, Pricing and Social Media. RTP also conducts exclusive industry research, uncovering insights and tactics to help retailers create winning strategies.

You’ll also find RTP editors interacting with industry leaders and others via social media channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, we post blog articles based on our industry expertise, on the RTP tumblr site every week.

More than 28,000 retail executives tap into the weekly RTP newsletter, covering every type of line of business, from C-level executives, to Marketing, Merchandising, Store Operations, IT and Supply Chain.

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