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If you’re looking for experts’ perspectives on the retail environment or a detailed look at the latest retail industry trends, check out the Retail TouchPoints Industry Insights section. Topics cover the gamut from Omnichannel and Mobile to Shopper Engagement and Retail CRM. These articles can help round out a complete look at specific retail segments or the industry as a whole.

Shoptalk 2018, Distilled Into 16 Quick Quotes From Retail Leaders

The speakers at Shoptalk 2018 represented a “who’s who” of industry leaders from retailers including Amazon, Target, ULTA Beauty, Poshmark, Tapestry, Mizzen+Main, Macy’s, Pizza Hut, Sephora, Google and Nordstrom. Retail TouchPoints Editor-in-Chief Debbie Hauss and Executive Editor Adam Blair have gathered 16 of the sharpest quotes to provide a quick tour through the 100+ presentations.

Exclusive Q&A: Why Women In Retail Struggle With Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is top-of-mind for many people, whether they’re white- or blue-collar employees, males or females. For some — especially females — it’s a constant struggle. These issues have come into sharper focus recently, particularly around gender equality and sexual harassment in the workplace, as the #MeToo and Times Up movements continue to spread awareness about these concerns.

Amazon-Target Prediction Attracts Media Attention And Industry Skepticism

Like almost any other Amazon-related sound bite, Loup Ventures’ prediction that Amazon might acquire Target this year garnered a lot of attention in the media. Some retail experts, however, expressed doubt about both the prediction and the rationale behind it. In an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Managing Partner Gene Munster doubled down on the “boldest” of the eight 2018 predictions he posted on New Year’s Day. However, neither Amazon nor Target has made any public comments on Munster’s prediction since then.

Mobile Helps Break Black Friday Records; Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s Win The Day

The biggest shopping day of the year continues to wow. Online Black Friday sales totaled $5.03 billion in revenue, compared to $4.3 billion in 2016, according to Adobe Digital Insights. But it didn’t all go down without a hiccup: retailers including Walmart, Amazon and Kohl’s scored big, but Macy’s and Lowe’s ran into technical issues with payment and web site performance.

Marketing To Millennials: Exclusive Q&A On Generational Brand Loyalty

For retailers, the Millennial generation can be a tough nut to crack, as it is now the nation’s largest living generation (surpassing baby boomers) and the first one to grow up in the digital age. Understanding Millennials’ wants and needs in terms of shopping experiences is essential to retailers’ success, but their unique demands can stump even the savviest brands.

Say It Isn't So: Pirch Closes Majority Of Showrooms

Pirch, an upscale appliance and kitchen retailer that was hailed as an avatar of experiential retail, recently announced it would be closing most of its stores as it seeks to overhaul its operations. Joe Hasenzahl, Principal Consultant for Retail Technology Strategy at HighStreet, provided this exclusive analysis of the Pirch phenomenon, as well as its strengths and weaknesses, to Retail TouchPoints. Those of us who’ve been evangelizing, proselytizing and preaching “experience” as the savior of brick-and-mortar collectively gasped when the news broke last week that one of the industry’s shining lights, Pirch, was shuttering stores. The announcement of the impending close of most of their much-lauded luxury showrooms both shocked and confounded us. How? What could possibly have caused such a rock solid, industry-inspiring store experience to suffer the same fate of their less enlightened brand brethren?

The Off-Price Retail Boom: Lessons For All Retailers

The thrill of the in-store hunt is still going strong within the retail industry, as off-price retailers such as T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory continue to build momentum and outperform traditional department stores. In fact, according to a 2016 report from Moody’s Investors Service, off-price retailers are “anticipated to experience apparel revenue growth of 6% to 8%, outperforming the broader apparel segment by a collective 4% in the next five years.”

Study: To Engage Shoppers, Invite Them Into Co-Creation Processes

With a changing landscape comes a changing shopper. It’s no longer enough for retailers to keep up with the new technologies and innovations disrupting today’s industry; they must keep up with consumer demands and needs on top of it — now more than ever. A new study conducted by Daymon revealed the emergence of three new kinds of shoppers that retailers must keep on their radar for success: Vocal Aficionados (VAs): These consumers have a zest for shopping and for life. They are digital masters and technology experts that want to share their opinions with the world. Balanced Enthusiasts (BEs): This category of shoppers is more cautious in their spending. Their desire to share and interact in shopping processes is tempered, and they’re not as willing to spend time on new technology as vocal aficionados. Struggling Apathetics (SAs): These consumers are disengaged due to financial and life circumstances. Price is their primary motivator.

Unified Customer Data Is The Key To True Customer-Centricity

Retailers may believe they're already well on the path to customer-centricity, and that only a few tweaks — such as making shoppers' online activity visible to in-store associates — are needed to seal the deal. Unfortunately, customer-centricity is a much more complicated proposition than it first appears, so much so that a respected retail industry expert goes so far as to say that no retailers are currently customer-centric.

TUMI’s Charlie Cole On The Limits Of Last Click Attribution

Even as shopper journeys become more difficult to track, the need for accurate attribution increases. It’s become a major challenge for retailers to understand how every single touch point influences the road to purchase. “Attribution is a very nebulous thing,” said Charlie Cole, VP and Chief Digital Officer at TUMI, when kicking off his RIC17 session titled: Attribution: A Simple Way To Apply It To Your Business. Think about President Donald Trump’s media impressions, Cole told the audience. He referenced Trump’s Wikipedia page, which listed numerous mentions of his name, including comics, hip hop songs and movies such as Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. The result? All of those varied media impressions somehow impacted the election results of November 2016, according to Cole.
“There’s a really good chance that marketing attribution just led to a new President,” said Cole. “And I mean that, but it’s hard to understand which one of those things and people did what.” Forget Last Click The first rule of basic attribution: don’t start with last click attribution. “[Last click] is not the way to manage a business,” said Cole. “Attribution — at its core — is understanding how to market your brand…

#RIC17 Panel: Compete To Keep Your Customer Front And Center

Recent retail headlines in the business news lately been particularly negative: bankruptcies, store closings and financial woes. Yet research from Deloitte demonstrates that the industry is indeed experiencing significant disruption — but that it’s not just negative disruption. During the #RIC17 panel titled Escaping The Trap Of Convention: How To Rethink Retail And Regain The Customer, Kasey Lobaugh, Chief Retail Innovation Officer at Deloitte and moderator of the panel, reported that holiday 2016 was the strongest retail holiday season since 2011.

Microsoft Exec Shares 7 Tips For CX Success

Marketers are challenged with delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX). They all know and say that CX is very important, but they have yet to master it, according to Jeff Marcoux, CMO Lead for Worldwide Enterprise Marketing at Microsoft.
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