Microsoft To Showcase Seven New Technologies At NRF 2020

Microsoft To Showcase Seven New Technologies At NRF 2020

Microsoft is making a splash at the NRF 2020 Big Show with a slate of new products and capabilities in its suite of retail solutions. The new tools are designed to enable “anywhere commerce,” or aCommerce, to help retailers offer a unified customer experience online, in their stores and through customer service.

The offerings Microsoft will showcase at NRF 2020 include:

  • Dynamics 365 Commerce: A multi-channel solution that unifies retailers’ back-office, in-store, call center and e-Commerce experiences, to help retailers offer their shoppers an omnichannel experience across all touch points;
  • Dynamics 365 Connected Store: A new application that provides insight into the store, with capabilities that range from analyzing disparate data from video cameras and IoT sensors to providing real-time and predictive insights;
  • Microsoft Promote IQ: An end-to-end commerce marketing platform that lets retailers natively promote their brand partners’ products to in-market shoppers;
  • Microsoft Bing for Commerce: An intelligent AI-driven solution for product search, personalization and product recommendations that offers more relevant and customized results;
  • New capabilities for D365 Fraud Protection — Loss Prevention and Account Protection: Loss Prevention is designed to help reduce brick-and-mortar fraud in brick and mortar stores, while Account Protection can help detect account creation fraud and account takeover fraud;
  • Azure IoT Central Micro Fulfilment Center template: A tool that joins five existing retail-focused templates, including those for digital distribution center and in-store analytics scenarios, to help retailers optimize their fulfilment processes; and
  • Updated Microsoft Teams: New features include task targeting, publishing and reporting, new workforce management integrations to streamline shift management and a tool that extends the range of traditional walkie-talkie communication.

Microsoft has been steadily expanding its solution offerings through both retail partnerships and the launch of a Retail Innovation Lab in June 2019 through a partnership with XnFinity. The Portugal-based lab will have its own store, with real customers making purchases, to test out new innovations.

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