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Yahoo Small Business Debuts Business Maker Platform

Yahoo Small Business has launched Business Maker, a mobile-first platform designed to walk small business owners through the early development of their company, from launch to growth. The software provides a single, personalized dashboard that recommends solution products based on the company’s industry, stage of growth and goals. Business Maker also offers to-do lists, content and advice to help companies manage the solution software they use. Available solutions include tools to build online presence, handle legal matters, develop a PayPal POS system and facilitate the creation of business plans. Other capabilities include:

FactGem Connects Siloed Data To Help Retailers Analyze Customer Intentions

FactGem, a data analytics solution provider, helps retailers glean insights from large amounts of data without the need for coding. The software uses modern graph database technology to uncover customer intentions, interests and interactions, and tie them back to the transactions and events that connect them. The FactGem Data Fabric is designed to combine siloed data into a logical whole according to a business’ model and rules rather than a data model built by IT. This lets retailers get answers to complex questions more quickly without writing code or disrupting their existing silos.

Dematic Micro-Fulfillment Solution Takes Advantage Of Underutilized Retail Spaces

Dematic, a supply chain solution provider, offers a micro-fulfillment solution that can help retailers speed up their order fulfillment capabilities by maximizing usage of underutilized spaces. The tool helps retailers take advantage of back-of-store areas, dark stores and urban fulfillment centers to deliver their products within the smallest possible window. The micro-fulfillment solution can be implemented in as little as 12 weeks. Additionally, retailers retain control of the data generated by the solution, which they can leverage to create differentiated experiences online and in-store.

Cash360 Offers Automated Cash Handling Options

Cash360, a cash transportation and processing service, offers retailers flexible options for safekeeping and counting their physical money. The service includes the Smart Safe, which lets retailers set different user rights for their associates to ensure everyone has the correct level of access. The Smart Safe also lets retailers insert and withdraw cash at any time, and is capable of counting notes automatically to reduce labor costs. Additionally, the safe can identify damaged banknotes to eliminate the miscount concerns.

Returnly Launches International Returns Platform

Returnly, a post-purchase payments company that helps enable frictionless returns, has launched International Returns, a solution designed to help global shoppers return items online from anywhere in the world. Returnly localizes the international returns experience by providing support for localized tax and duty information, tracking, instant refunds and exchanges.

Retrospect Releases Update To Server Backup Platform

Retrospect, a backup and recovery tool solution provider, has released Retrospect Backup 16.5. This update to the brand’s platform adds several new features to the software suite, including: Granular Remote Management: Retailers can manage individual Retrospect engines, including new views for sources, sets, scripts and activities, as well as the ability to create or update scripts and create new destinations; Improved Network-attached Storage (NAS) Support: NAS volumes are now immediately visible in Retrospect, even if mounted through an operating system; and macOS Catalina Support: Retrospect is certified for macOS Catalina, the latest edition of macOS.

Manthan Updates Customer360 To Offer More Precise Recommendations

Manthan, an AI and analytics solution provider, has upgraded its Customer360 platform with an engine to provide retailers with a single view of their customers. This helps them predict shopper needs with greater precision to grow sales, reduce churn and boost engagement. The new recommendation engine can help shoppers discover new products and propose next-best purchases based on factors beyond what other people bought. The upgrade is aimed at improving operations in three areas: Grow sales: Customer360 can drive new product or category adoption, reduce category voids and up-sell by recommending premium products to targeted segments; Control churn: The engine identifies customers who are likely to disengage or are missing their re-buy periods, then automatically generate targeted product and offer recommendations to re-engage them; and Boost engagement: The software offers personalized recommendations across channels in a consistent manner and also can sequence and suggest the top channels for each individual customer. The insights also can be used for tasks outside CRM, including making decisions around new launches, assessing category potential and strategies and operations planning. Customer360 uses a hybrid approach to recommendations to accommodate this wide breadth of use cases.

Convey Launches Discover To Give Retailers Access To All Last Mile Transportation Data

Convey, a delivery experience management platform, offers the Discover tool to give retailers real-time access to all of their last mile transportation performance data in one place. The system uses machine learning to provide insight into deliveries that have stalled or will miss their reported estimated delivery date. Discover also includes a suite of out-of-the-box reports that enable historical reporting to measure the impact of delivery on the shopper experience, carrier service-level agreement (SLA) performance, data quality and benchmarking. Retailers can segment this information based on a wide range of criteria to zoom in and find optimization opportunities.

Visier Offers Retailers Insight Into Their Workforce Pain Points

Visier, a developer of people analytics and planning solutions, has released Visier People Workforce, a tool that offers retailers insights into their hourly, contract and seasonal workforce. The software connects to any available source of workforce data to deliver detailed answers regarding the organization’s hourly workforce. Retailers can use these insights to help them design and implement their workforce plan in a way that achieves the best results. People Workforce offers more than 125 questions relating to topics such as absenteeism, case management, overtime, worker safety, which in turn can be refined with data filters or used as starting points to design custom metrics.

Sidecar Launches Tool To Help Retailers Optimize Marketing On Amazon

Sidecar, an e-Commerce marketing platform, has expanded its capabilities with the AI-powered Sidecar for Amazon solution. The tool is designed to address the lack of transparency in reporting and enable retailers to customize campaign structures and bidding strategies to help them meet their advertising cost of sales goals. Sidecar for Amazon complements the solution provider’s line of cross-channel solutions, which include support for campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Key features of the Amazon platform include:

Pattern89 Debuts Voyager Platform To Help Retailers Maximize Ad Performance

Pattern89, an AI-powered marketing technology company, has introduced new tools to help retailers maximize and understand ad performance at every stage of the digital advertising lifecycle. The Voyager platform now contains four features to boost creative, optimization and performance capabilities with the help of AI. The new Creative Simulator feature is designed to predict an ad’s creative performance before it runs, giving retailers an estimate of how well each creative element will perform. This is aimed at helping marketers adjust creative to maximize results before spending money on ads, as well as helping them identify new high-performing creative concepts.

Aspectum Provides Geo-Based Data Visualization For Retailers

Aspectum, a cloud-based geodata visualization platform, helps retailers make sense of complex geo-based datasets. The tool is designed to fill the gap between data scientists, business experts and viewers by providing a user-friendly workflow for data upload and processing.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.