FactGem Connects Siloed Data To Help Retailers Analyze Customer Intentions

  • Written by  Bryan Wassel

FactGem, a data analytics solution provider, helps retailers glean insights from large amounts of data without the need for coding. The software uses modern graph database technology to uncover customer intentions, interests and interactions, and tie them back to the transactions and events that connect them.

The FactGem Data Fabric is designed to combine siloed data into a logical whole according to a business’ model and rules rather than a data model built by IT. This lets retailers get answers to complex questions more quickly without writing code or disrupting their existing silos.

Additionally, FactGem’s partnership with Prosper Insights & Analytics lets marketers feed their internal data sets into Prosper’s external data in order to analyze specific demographics or forward-looking trends. This capability can help retailers discover new opportunities, implement defense measures based on upcoming risks or pivot their strategy to account for emerging consumer behavior.

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